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The planned green spaces are the foremost significant social spaces for people to interact with every day and are also considered the sustainability indicators for maintaining the well-being of residential communities. The concept of a podium garden is an open space above the bottom level, located on the intermediate floor of a high-rise building. It beautifies the encircling and helps to realize low-carbon high-performance buildings.

It’s visible and accessible to the covered residential neighborhoods providing a sense of security, safety, hygiene, and community feeling. The main purpose of this design is to enhance the social and physical qualities of the living environment with social sustainability.

In this era, where towers and podium designs dominate the urban landscapes, podium gardens are often referred to as secondary ground space. Podium gardens attract more people than ground street space when they think of buying a new home. It facilitates a walking path, greeneries like plants, Benches, Play areas for teenagers, concealed seating areas, etc.

Sustainable development could be a need of time and podium gardens, being a photo remediate in concrete canyons of cities helps to scale back pollution up to eight times over the previous beliefs. They’re effective at filtering polluted air as they remove harmful pollutants like Nitrogen dioxide, PM (Microscopic Matters), Ozone, etc. by reducing their concentration from surroundings up to 40% for NO2 and hour for PM (Microscopic particular matters) and indemnifying the carbon footprint of both people and fuel emissions. Only the best builders in Bhopal are offering podium gardens in their residential projects to reduce and help in fighting the urban heat island effect of developing cities and reduce the water runoff by up to 50%.

A green space experience is what podium gardens provide in this hustle of inner-city living. At no cost, it provides an aesthetically pleasing area for exercise, leading to a much healthier lifestyle and subsequently reducing health care costs. Podium gardens allow neighbors to become families and friends by acting as a social pulse of a township.

Being an open space of happiness, podium gardens work as a pleasing visual stimulator and increase the perceived happiness of a person, giving a more optimistic outlook on life.

For the first time in Bhopal, Agrawal Builders and Colonizers bestows this technique of sustainable development with their 2 projects – Sagar LifeStyle Towers at Misrod and Sagar Lake View Homes, Phase-2 at Ayodhya Bypass Road, providing greater pride feeling to the residents in the beauty of where they live.


Agrawal Builders: It is a premium real estate development company in Bhopal with a wide range of residential properties and beautiful amenities like a modern clubhouse, gymnasium, swimming pools, parks, garden, etc.


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