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About Us

‘I always had a firm belief in our value system’
Founder & Chairman, Sudhir Kumar Agrawal, Sagar Group


Sagar Group

, founded by Shri Sudhir Kumar Agrawal in 1983, is one of the fastest growing private sector enterprises, with businesses in the



Real Estate




Agrawal Builders

have established their presence as one of the

leading Real Estate giants of Central India

with over 37 years of rich experience. The group has primarily focused on


initially but has also diversified into the education and industrial sectors in the last decade. The group boasts of a good reputation having successfully completed more than a dozen Mega Projects at

prime residential locations in Bhopal

. With ample land bank at its disposal, the group plans to deliver many more projects in the near future. The education and industry ventures have been constantly upgraded to keep pace with time and have proved to be a rewarding experience. Having established a strong foothold in Central India the company is planning to expand its operations to other parts of India.
Sagar Group is a leading

business conglomerate of Central India

; one of the most diversified enterprises realising the vision of contributing to basic needs of a person; Roti (food), Kapda (clothing), Makaan (shelter), and Shiksha (education). We are head quartered at Bhopal and employ over 5000+ people in all our entities. Here, employees with different skill-sets, collaboratively, strive for growth and excellence it came into existence in 1983 under the visionary leadership of its Chairman, Mr.Sudhir Kumar Agrawal. The Group is committed to be an integral part of the success story of Madhya Pradesh, Sagar Group is constantly working towards its mission of '

Building Nation

' by impacting lives of over two lakh people and generating employment to over seven thousand residents of the state.

Vision & Mission


To set benchmarks in the construction industry for our customers to adore and competitors to follow.


To sustain our market leadership position in Real estate development industry in central India by offering highest value benefit standards to our stakeholders.

Over the years, it has expanded its operations successfully from

real estate

and ventured into education, industrial manufacturing and production. The journey started from a one-room company. Agrawal Builders has today established its presence to emerge as the most trusted leading

real estate giant

with over 37 years of rich experience in building state-of-the-art residential projects across Central India.

Our Values

Agrawal Builders values are designed to achieve our vision. Our values are the essence of our company's identity, its philosophy, beliefs and virtues. Our success is directly related to our commitment towards our work. And our values are the basis of how we operate at our workplace. We will continue delivering best in industry while sticking to our values.


Sagar Group believes in the vision of building customer centric models with a strong value chain delivering quality through all their businesses with an ethical code and is fuelled by integrity.

The Message

Sudhir Kumar Agrawal says, "People should not get dishearten in their times of difficulty, as they are natural. One should adopt an optimistic approach towards life." He also believes that time is a great healer and everything becomes better with time. The visionaries at Sagar Group believe that success is the result of supporting people. When asked as to how budding entrepreneurs can progress, Agrawal says, "I would like to request them to stick to the basics." Speaking of the crucial skills required, he adds, “Growth of every sector is decided by factor of Emotional Intelligence. I believe higher the EQ of a person, higher are his/her chances to thrive."

About the transformational moment for the Group, he says, "The shift occurred in 2001, when we established Sagar Public School for imparting quality education . The goodwill of the company reached the apex after working in the field of education. In the last 37 years, the Group has witnessed a tremendous growth in each of its business sectors. The educational segment serves alone over 20,000+ students and employs 2000+ faculties.

Value System

"Our value system is based on integrity, excellence in quality, continuous learning, growth, team-spirit, and exceeding customer expectations. Being a part of dynamic and ever-changing industry, we keep abreast with the global developments and strive for excellence progressively. Our spirit to serve, aims at touching lives, uplifting individuals and providing improved living standards to the society. Our growth is directly proportional to the growth of people associated with us. We deliver our best and work relentlessly so that every bit delivered contributes to nation – building. He adds, "Abiding by 'All for one, one for all', we are committed to work together towards a common goal; Share expertise, value contributions, respect every individual, help each other grow and be united always.

Our priority is to create and deliver value. We endeavour to provide exceptional customer service and surpass their expectations."

Future Goals

The Group is built with the noble intention to cater to the basic necessities. The four pillars on which the organizationis based are: Food, Clothing, Shelter and Education. Agrawal says, "Our team is working towards introducing high-end women fashion via our clothing line, providing supreme quality basmati rice, designing advanced premium townships and providing quality education to many students. We are working towards building more day boarding schools and hostel enabled schools in Bhopal. He adds, "We are working efficiently looking forward to balanced expansion in all these four sectors, we have established. We believe that people are our strength and we ensure that our people are happy. As we value families, we are one close-knit family - The Sagar Family"


Agrawal says, "I have witnessed growth of Sagar Group fast pace. Throughout this journey, I have always had a firm belief in value system. Our biggest strength is our people. I am grateful to the Supreme Lord for giving me a platform through which we can serve the society. Our mission is to 'Build Nation', so we try to contribute as much as we can in making our great country the greatest." He adds, " Sagar Group has always believed in diversifying its portfolio. It does not wish to rest at its laurels, but strives constantly to explore untouched shores."

Success Secrets

Sagar Group firmly believes in the importance of teamwork. The visionaries here believe that in order to excel, everyonein the team should take ownership of their work and work towards functioning as a one strong unit.
Agrawal says, "We believe in simplified approach, implementation of short-term goals with effective approach, impactful decision-making skills, strong belief system, alignment with the Group's vision, family values with high emotional quotient. They are important to thrive in the world." He adds, "We believe in exceeding customers' expectations. We have learnt from ET that 'Knowledge is power'. We believe in educating communities."

The Chairman further says, "Team-work lays a strong foundation of an organization. Employees working for the company are treated as family and are always of prime importance. A common empowered vision binds us in one unit, which, in turn, facilitates growth and yields excellent results for all." About women empowerment, he says, "Women strive for excellence and bring in creativity, continuous improvement, and efficiency. As a Group, we have over 45 per cent of women workforce ratio, serving towards the growth of our companies. They drive our business with the sense of ownership and create value chain for all."

CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility

“Abhay Sagar Foundation” is the CSR arm of Sagar Group . We follow the path of service to humanity laid down by the saints. We run frequent drives, like clothes & blankets distribution, donations, blood donation camps, etc. Various training courses are arranged for computer literacy and spoken English classes for housewives and senior citizens as a part of gesture.
The core areas for “Abhay Sagar Foundation” are education, health and environment, homes, save water. The choice of education as a theme flows from Sagar Group being in the knowledge domain. Similarly, attention to the cause of health acknowledges that health is a vital precondition for promoting social good. Concern for the environment is in line with our belief that this global cause demands our attention to ensure a sustainable and productive planet. These themes are established centrally for adoption or adaptation across all geographies.
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